Our mission is to amuse the world with original and entertaining mobile applications!

Learn a little more about us!

Why we make games

Games are a great place to start developing. The type of cause-effect relationship that games employ is similar to the if/then nature of coding. If you don't have the key, the door doesn't open.

Why we love Unity3D

Unity is hands-down the best thing to happen to software development. You are free to use Javascript or C# and can make beautiful, enthralling environments in minutes.There are a hundred other reasons too.

Why start on Android

Android has a very open and helpful development community. It's also cheaper and easier to get started building your own apps and games. Rest assured, popular titles will be available on all other platforms as well including iOS and Amazon.

New Release: Save Santa! Nov. 2015

A fun holiday bubble shooter with a great theme and sound track! Surprisingly addicting!

Topper Art

As you can see, everything is holiday themed with symbols easy reconized, even on very small devices.

Simple & addictive gameplay

Although the game is great for beginners, highly-skilled players will enjoy angle shots and tricky puzzles!

Rollin 3D 2015 Edition Available on Google Play

It's available for FREE on Google Play! See the very first release from GGG!

We've partnered with a great company, Prelaunch.Me to deliver our next project- Rollin2! Slated for launch early 2016, Rollin3D was one of our first games EVER! We're very excited to bring the sequel to the world! It will include TONS of new levels and new capabilities!

Use motion control to pilot the sphere

With amazing music and eye-popping graphics you'll be lost in space and time! Each level introduces a new concept to overcome as you struggle to get back to the Earth!


Very simply, it's to provide a fun experience to our players. At the same time we hope to push technology and design to become a global leader in gaming and social applications. We believe that everyone has a great app in them and with the right encouragement and training that it can become a reality.


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